Bandar Nabawan - Malaysia - Borneo

Bandar Nabawan is located in Malaysia on Borneo. Bandar Nabawan's latitude is 5° 2' 21.48" North, and longitude is 116° 25' 38.64" East degrees in the Asia/Kuching time zone. Several tour operators offer holidays and tours to or near to Bandar Nabawan.
Alternative name(s) are: Bandar Nabawan,Nabawan,Nebawan.

Bandar Nabawan - Sabah


Name Bandar Nabawan
Latitude 5° 2' 21.48" North
Latitude, dec.5.039300
Longitude 116° 25' 38.64" East
Longitude, dec.116.427400
Timezone Asia / Kuching
Type city, village
populated place
State, ProvinceSabah
Country Malaysia
Population 0
Elevation 0 m
GTOPO30 974 m
Alternative name

Bandar Nabawan, Nabawan, Nebawan

Borneo Hotels and Accommodation

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