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Borneo Volunteering

Best Practice Volunteering in Sabah, Sarawak and Kalimantan

Volunteering in Borneo has become very popular.

Several tour operator have set up special divisions to offer volunteering opportunities in Borneo and other destinations around the world.

Volunteering holidays have become a new (and often very profitable) segment of the travel market.

Volunteering experiences can differ and a volunteer abroad trip can be quite expensive.

Volunteers are usually interested in volunteering with orang utans, volunteering in conservation projects or teaching English in Borneo.

Volunteer with orang utan projects, that are offered by responsible tourism organisations, volunteer organisations or charities will normally not allow direct contact with orang utans.

Before signing up for a volunteer trip a few considerations (or questions to ask) may be worthwhile.

  • Who is locally responsible (charity or organisation) for the project?
  • How will the local organisation benefit?
  • Does any of the money paid go to a worthwhile local project?
  • If yes, how much of the money does go the worthwhile project?
  • Will this take away jobs for the locals?

Do you have a thoughts about volunteering? Let us know.